Avengers: Age of Ultron Chalkboard

This was the first time that I have had ever had a disagreement or change with my final product with any artistic thing that I do for someone. Usually, when I do a commission, I have a pretty good idea of what I need to do for that individual and go for it. Everyone is happy.  But for this guy, it was a little different.

To begin, I work as a bartender at a movie theater in Southern California. And in that specific chain in theaters, there is some sort of cafe or restaurant with a chalkboard, and we are welcome to draw and write on it to promote special drinks, food, movies, or events. It had fallen upon my shoulders to draw on this chalkboard, which is something that I have been doing for about half a year now and thoroughly enjoy. With Marvel coming up at the time, naturally we were to draw something for that movie. So I went with a minimalist pulp-like look.

You may have already spotted what they may have had an issue with. Yep, the silhouette of the gun. I had no idea at the time that would be an issue, but a manager pulled me aside and told me to erase it because people may be offended by it. I was taken aback by the statement at first. Many thoughts ran through my head, such as, “The gun went with the theme”, “Why didn’t they let me know in the first place?”, “Why would people be offended by a simple silhouette of a gun when they are here to watch something probably worse?”

In the end, I obviously kept those thoughts to myself. They became thoughts about the Dark Knight shootings (which I was quite near at the time in a neighbor theater, watching the same movie), which had effected many people and families. I certainly get it. Not a thing to toy around with.

Regardless, I took it off and added Black Widow’s yellow belt instead. This was a fun one to draw, and certainly one of the more thought provoking pieces I have done.

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