My New Project

Sorry for the awful quality, friends.

Hello, again! Lately, I have been piling projects up, and it feels great to get things done again. Here, in the barely visible picture, is all of the yarn I bought to crochet my first afgan! I have no idea who this will go to as of yet, but I will know once it is complete.

I have been loving the crochet projects that I have been doing. They are great things to do with my hands while watching a movie, and I can put it down and pick it right back up whenever I want to. What sort of crochet projects have you done?

Batman Scarf and Matching Hat!

batscarf Here I go again!

Yikes, sorry for that long hiatus that I had. Life has certainly been interesting these past couple of months, including a few job changes here and there.

One of those jobs I have been loving is at the infamous Blastoff Comics! It’s a boutique style store filled with nothing but great comics. That alone is amazing, but it gets better! Every month, the dear and wonderful owners donate a portion of their profits to different charities. Yes. Every month. Who knew buying comics could feel this good?

So they had approached me to crochet something for Keep America Warm, and I was immediately on board for this fantastic project. I needed something unique, practical, warm, and, of course, slightly geeky to brand that fantastic Blastoff label. Batman it is.

On one end of the scarf, I crocheted a batman symbol and weaved it into the actual scarf. The other end wraps around your neck and tucks under the bat symbol. That was a fun touch to try and figure out. I crocheted a matching beanie.

I had not crocheted in a long time. It is one of those hobbies of mine that comes in obsessive 2015-09-14 07.20.37waves, where one week  it’ll be all I think about and I plan way too many projects, then the next week I completely forget about it, and pick up a different medium. But having crochet projects at my hands has always been something I have enjoyed. It is the perfect little thing to do with my hands when they shouldn’t be idle, and I have something to show for it after watching an entire season of a show.

So what is next for the lovely Demiurge Dame? Well, I have many projects and ideas that I am just dying to share with all of you lovely folks. Some include:

1. My first crocheted afgan!
2. An almost complete vintage style dress!
3. A cosplay costume!