Happy Wednesday!

Hello, friends. I decided to make this fine Wednesday into a day of happiness, getting things done, and hopefully encourage at least one person. Life can incredibly hard, people will manipulate control to their advantage sometimes, and you could be left wondering, “How did this even begin? What is the point?”

Find your happiness, and stick with it. It is your life, and you need to take advantage of it. For me, sewing has been one of my vices. I could never afford classes, or an incredible school, or amazing spaces, materials or equipment. It was a lot of questions, and determined knowledge seeking. I sewed on my floor. I learned how stitches worked by cheap thrift store clothing. Anyone, can do the same exact thing when it comes to sewing and the arts. Do not give up faith on how talented you are and can be.


As for new materials I had recently acquired…isnt this fabric absolutely perfect?! Yes, yes it is. I cannot wait until I find amazing uses for this fabric. I’m thinking perhaps a purse or two, maybe even some wallets.

New Etsy Listings!

Love love LOVE these clutch purses that I have sewn! And, finally, I have them up on my Etsy store for all of you to hopefully enjoy! You can find the listing by clicking here, and other things as well.

So how has everyone been doing? I have been doing my usual 12 hours a day at work, and juggling everything here has definitely been a challenge, but absolutely worth every bit of it. Have a great father’s day weekend!

Yep, Still Kickin’

What a week this has been, no doubt. With having a lovely weekend with the booth, taking my mother to Disneyland for Mother’s Day, and an amazing aquarium visit, I am beat. And with 12 hour workdays this week, I have been using whatever time I have had to rest up. But this weekend, I’ll put my Etsy store on the move and put my items up for sale.

Until then, a few weeks ago I had started cutting a personal project that I can’t wait to start and share with you lovely folks. Here is the beautiful fabric:


Loveeee this fabric. Maybe too much. I almost didn’t want to cut into it. What could this project be…?


Free Comic Book Day ComicsFest!!


Ahh!! I can’t believe the second annual Comicsfest that Blastoff Comics is hosting! I could have swore the last one just happened. Regardless of time flying (and partially me not paying enough attention to the calendar…) ¬†I still have plenty of things planned, created, imagined and sewed for my booth at this event. My goodness, I cannot be more excited about this.

If you happen to local to Los Angeles this weekend, please give me a visit! But not just for my sake. There will be quite a lot of other handmade sellers there, as well as many many  illustrators, writers, and amazing comics, of course.

See you there!

New Things Coming Your Way!

Hey there, folks! I decided that my website needed a facelift. After a year of barely even touching this site, I decided that I needed to change a few things on here to make it fresh and new again. I changed the look to something basic for now. Hopefully soon, I will be revamping it to an entire new look entirely. But for now, new colors is definitely something that this site needed. I will also be changing the pages and how my pages are showed and linked. Perhaps, I shall be looking into the galleries that I could create on the WordPress website. It always has been rather clunky to me with what I used to have.

As far as the Free Comic Book Day festival preparation: I started cutting quite a bit of fabric today for some lovely nerdy treats to showcase at my booth this year on May 7th. For those who can’t make it, don’t worry! My Etsy store will blossom, and I can’t wait.

Currently on DD…

I woke up at 6:00AM this morning, feeling more inspired than I have ever felt in my life. My mind was racing with ideas on how to utilize my time more with work, my personal life, and, of course, what I do on here and my online store.

It almost snuck up on me, on how much of a passionate person that I have become. I find myself looking through Instagram, browsing art in my spare time. When I am just sitting around, my mind wanders to what other craft and creation that I can achieve, what posts I can share with you fine folks. Things are making sense in my life, and I am happy to share with everyone. I live and breathe art and creation now, and I fear that it will become a virus and overtake my whole livelihood.

What projects am I currently pursuing?

  1. Halloween/Comikaze costume! I’d say it’s about half way done. The leather mask I have created is complete, the leather needle glove needs the needle construction, the jacket needs to be aged, and the skirts I started sewing last night (and will be worked on later today). I will be learning the basics of LEDs for this costume. I’m so excited for this challenge. It’s nice seeing the progress for this costume, but lord am I running out of time! Time to kick it up a notch.
  2. Wood burning some awesome creatures. I might even put these fellas on my Etsy store.
  3. Yes, my Etsy store! I have plenty of items to put onto my store, and will most likely be working on that today. Yay!
  4. About 4 dresses and 3 shirts that have already been cut out and is ready to be sewn. Hopefully these guys will be tackled soon after my costume.
  5. Crocheted afgan.

Of course, I have many other ideas that I am considering pursuing. It’s almost exhausting how much I have going on. But expect great things!

Mystery Hiatus Complete!

Well. That was an interesting couple of months.

Yes, I am still here, and mostly alive. Yes, I am still sewing, and drawing. But I had a couple of job and life changes recently that led me to have this website on the accidental back-burner. But I am in the process of having everything cleaned up in one way or another, and shall resume this website, store, and what I love the most in my life.

Here’s something to tide you lovely folks over.

Floral dress

I sewed this bad boy last year using a Gertie pattern. Gertie is one of the most inspiring women to me. She is an incredibly beautiful and talented spirit that I want in my life constantly.

New Business Cards

New Business Cards! Aren't these just delightful?

Finally! My new business cards came in! Isn’t this just fantastic?
Not only do I feel just special and officially official, but it also feels like things are really moving forward and going places.
I wasn’t always going for the things I wanted to do in life, so this site, these business cards, probably mean more to me than it probably should. It’s like breathing a new, purifying oxygen, and discovering new purpose and values in life.
Enough of the deep rants. Enjoy this beautiful day, folks.

What Will Happen in the World of Tomorrow For Demiurge?

So what’s going on with Demiurge? Huh? HUH?!

  • I created my Etsy account! some pictures are being snapped of my products, and that is the last step to slapping them in my store. I have been sewing, cutting, creating and designing like mad crazy with every spare minute that I have, and even when I don’t (totally on break at work now). But, with that said, not everything I will make will be in that store…why? Because…
  • I will have a booth set up during free comic book day! It will take place on May 2nd, 2015 at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood. It will be hosted by the fantastic Blastoff Comics store in North Hollywood, and it’s a definite place to check out and browse their selection.
  • Stuff and things are being drawn and printed for me! New business cards are currently on their way to me, and they look fantastic. I can’t wait until I get them. Also, this!:
    Sketch of my logo!
    Isn’t this the most adorable thing you have ever have seen? Of course it is, it’s a drawing of me. It will soon be completed into a fantastic logo for this website. The art has been drawn and soon to be rendered into a digital beauty by Stephanie Orta.

So that concludes the current quickie updates for this site and what has been going on in the art life. Thanks for hanging tight, folks!