And a Very Happy New Year to You!

What a year this has been! I can honestly say that 2015 has been the best year for me, in the ways of developing my skills, my mind, knowledge, who I am, career, and my self image.

The year started off as any mild year should start off as. I was stuck in a job that I didn’t, and I felt like a walking blob. Some days, I just couldn’t motivate myself in doing the simplest tasks. One thing led to another, and I had run my very first booth at the Free Comic Book Day festival that was held in North Hollywood, CA. That challenged me far beyond I could ever imagine, and in many more ways than one. I had to sit and plan, create, sew a whole stock of things to sell and advertise for this booth (as well as create this website, now a year old!), and I accomplished that very task, boosting my motivation and self-respect tenfold. And yes, this festival will be happening again this year. I have much bigger plans for this booth, and I can’t wait to show you what I have in mind!

Then, I started working for that comic store that ran that festival, which was the best thing that ever happened to me, foundation wise. I got to work with comics, how cool was that? Then, it couldn’t stop there. I actually found my DREAM JOB, a career that I want to stick with for many years. A propmaker. A place that I can create with many different tools and materials. I still can’t believe that I got that job.

And, of course, I couldn’t stop there. I made a lavish Scarecrow costume, winning some awards and being advertised through pictures and media. I couldn’t believe it! I never had expected anything like this to happen. At all.

One more thing that I had done, was read 100 books in 2015. That was a lot of fun.

For this upcoming 2016, I have many plans.

  • I will produce some fantastic things for my online store. It’s going to grow with amazing homemade goods from yours truely!
  • I will create at least 2 major costumes for this year.
  • The Free Comic Book Day booth will be happening again this year, and it will be bigger and better than ever.
  • More illustrations, and perhaps even illustrate some comic books!

I hope you all will have a great and safe New Years, and a 2016.

Artistry Stagnation

“Honestly one of the most important things I can say I’ve learned as an artist is that if you feel like you’re really stagnating, that probably means you’re seeing problems in your work that you have never been able to see before, but you haven’t figured out how to fix them yet.

You’re not really stagnating

You’re understanding of drawing has moved beyond your current execution.

Once you have finished processing the problems you’re suddenly seeing, you’re likely to correct them and suddenly make a huge breakthrough in your drawing.

Don’t push yourself, either. Sometimes you have to remove yourself from a problem temporarily to solve it, just don’t give up drawing altogether.

TL;DR feeling like your drawing is stagnating/getting worse means your eye is improving, and your hands are likely to catch up soon.” – Written by Meganisanartist on Tumblr.

I have probably read and re-read this passage at least a dozen times. This has to be the most clear and concise thoughts and break down of art/writer’s block. I had to share this.

Just Some Old Sketches and Studies


When I show a non-artist my sketches or art, I always hear, “Man, I wish I could draw.” Or, “I wish I were talented as you.” Lately, I have thought a lot about these statements, and I could only come to one conclusion: How wrong they were.

Leg studiesWhen I first started drawing, I struggled. I struggled with my confidence when I looked at a magnificent drawings and compared them to mine; struggled and getting particularly frustrated when I couldn’t make my hand move in ways to show what I had in my head. But yet, I couldn’t stop. I kept practicing. Quite a lot. Years of practice. Tears and blood. Pulling out the hair, grinding the teeth, fingernails digging into your palms kind of practice. Why even go on? But when a practice that dedicated is accomplished, you look back, and you actually see a change. It could be a minor thing you notice, such as knowing why a certain shadow appears in the cheek,  or having a muscle memorized. Your confidence builds up, and you realize that what you have done so far is paying off.

Honestly, I don’t think I have any talent whatsoever, nor do I think Inked Chesta muse exists; I don’t believe in those words. It’s confidence and knowledge, a love/hate relationship, a never ending challenge to become a better version of yourself.

These sketches became a huge monumental standpoint in my life. These were done about three years ago, when I finally reconsidered what I wanted in my life and how to seriously learn about what art was all about. So far, all of my art has been self taught, but I plan on taking a class this summer to practice.

Fat Stacks of Fabric

My fat ol’ stack o’ fabric just waiting to be sewn together. This is definitely not the only pile of fabric that deserves my attention…

With May 2nd just around the corner, and with time wearing thin, it has really made me stop and think about what I should actually do with my time. With just a couple of months to budget for sewing, creating, designing, and planning to a huge scale, as well as a full time job and relationships, it has been an incredible challenge for me. This challenge is beyond myself, yet has everything to do with me. How can I better myself? How may my craft and ideas evolve into maturity?

Anyways, this was just a quick update that I wanted to do during my break at work. I have many more purses made and ideas that were brewed and will be revealed in a few days. Have a lovely Thursday!

For the Love of Comics and Kitties

Harvey knew immediately that I wanted a quick picture of my comic shelf

I love how comics have been growing into a huge medium and taken more seriously. With all the comic/super hero movies glorifying series, video games that are blowing up, and chain stores selling major super hero logos on sweaters, it certainly is taken more seriously. But is it really going in the right direction?

Too many times have I heard someone say that they want to start reading comics but they are too overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. The only thing they really know what is out there are huge series in famous Marvel and DC comics and it could be a waste of time to really delve into a middle of a series. Please understand, that comics do not have to be like this.

It’s a fantastic medium that all should really get into. There are a countless amount of independent authors and writers that come out with quality work, single trade stories, and unique things that can catch the eye of anyone. Please, run down to your nearest library and borrow some comics.

That is all.