Yep, Still Kickin’

What a week this has been, no doubt. With having a lovely weekend with the booth, taking my mother to Disneyland for Mother’s Day, and an amazing aquarium visit, I am beat. And with 12 hour workdays this week, I have been using whatever time I have had to rest up. But this weekend, I’ll put my Etsy store on the move and put my items up for sale.

Until then, a few weeks ago I had started cutting a personal project that I can’t wait to start and share with you lovely folks. Here is the beautiful fabric:


Loveeee this fabric. Maybe too much. I almost didn’t want to cut into it. What could this project be…?


Comicsfest Goodies! Part 3

Ahh! Can you believe this fabric exists?! I couldn’t, so I had to grab some of this fabric and make it into awesome wallets to be sure. It has two outer pockets, and a zippered pouch with two inner pockets. It is all held together by a single snap. Did I mention these wallets were freaking amazing?!

These wallets will be featured at the Free Comic Book Day Festival in North Hollywood, this Saturday at 10am-4pm. Can’t make it? Don’t worry! My Etsy store will be full soon!

Comicsfest Goodies! Part 2


Second featured item for the Comics fest are these rad Batman clutches! Be prepared to defeat any evil in Gotcham City with this bad boy. Glitter vinyl exterior and quilted yellow fabric as the bat symbol and the interior as well, and held together with a single black snap. Can be used as a sole clutch, or even a makeup bag.

This clutch will be featured at the Free Comic Book Day Festival in North Hollywood, this Saturday at 10am-4pm. Can’t make it? Don’t worry! My Etsy store will be full soon!

Comics fest Goodies

First up on the spotlight list is zippered pouches! All are lined, and the outer fabric is vinyl, which will protect the rad fabric. Seriously fun pouches. I use them for my inking pens, but can be used for other things as well (Ladies? Need to have unmentionables in your purse?).

This style of pouch will be featured at the Free Comic Book Day Festival in North Hollywood, this Saturday at 10am-4pm. Can’t make it? Don’t worry! My Etsy store will be full soon!

A Freshly Sewn Dress!


I cannot put into words of how much I love this dress and fabric! Silhouettes of monsters, mummies, vampires, Frankenstein’s monster, and skulls? Count me in. I wanted to use this fabric for so many patterns. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it…), I only got enough fabric for one dress, so everything in my apartment isn’t in this fabric.

I have been absolutely craving the fall once again. I know, I know, we still have a few more seasons to go. But I cannot help it. It is my favorite season by far! My love for the cold, biting weather comes forth when I walk down the sidewalk and crunch the dead leaves along the way to my destination. And, of course, the horror movies and the style that comes with it. What an amazing season it is. Suddenly, I crave mulled brandy.


The most wonderful back of the dress! it folds out and shows the lining of the fabric, which is a green polyester fabric. It barely shows a leopard print on the fabric, and you can only see it when you are up close and personal to me. And it is finished with a cream zipper. Not pictured is a couple of black buttons at the bottom edges of the green folds.

This project only took a couple of afternoons to complete. It was such a lovely project to complete, and it felt so nice when I first put it on after I sewed the last stitch. Enjoy!

Victorian Scarecrow Pt 2


This mask is definitely my favorite that I have made so far. By leagues. It was an amazing challenge to make something like this. This mask took about a week and a half in my free time to accomplish, whereas my other masks have taken an hour or even a day to do.


Here is the front view of the mask. Since I decided to make a Scarecrow costume that was older, much older, in style and in structure, I went for the plague mask look. For those of you not familiar with the plague mask, I highly recommend researching its history. It is very fascinating history, indeed.

Since it was also supposed to be a Scarecrow mask, I made visible stitches down the forehead and the beak.


Here is a closeup of the stitches. The wet, sinew look is Monkee resin. The last second, I decided to add that along the stitches, and I don’t regret that decision at all.


The canisters! Someome had given me their old respirator with the cans looking exactly like this, so I didn’t have to age to alter them at all. They also can still unscrew from the mask as well.

So there you have it. My first leather plague mask! I had such a blast making this piece, and it is only just starting on my leather making, forming, sewing, and idea escapade

Victorian Scarecrow, Pt 1


What an amazing and satisfying project this was! This costume project was such a blast to create, dwell upon, draft, and execute in the period of my spare time of a month. And I am definitely grateful that I have started this project when I did, so that I may be as intricate as I wanted. I think it paid off.

So this is the costume in its entirety. I was Scarecrow from the DC game Arkham Asylum, but made it into more of a Victorian style costume. So tht is why the mask is more of a plague mask.
The Comikaze convention that I attended was a blast. I enjoyed having my picture taken, being interviewed, and, of course, meeting a lot of really awesome and wonderful people along the way. I already have so many ideas for my next intricate costume!

Over the next few days, I will post closer images of the leather props that I created for this.

Newly Sewn Halloween Shirt!


What a fun commission this was! And just in time for Halloween next week, which has always been my favorite holiday.

For this shirt, I actually brought down my serger to make this guy, which has been great, since I have barely used the thing. But thankfully, that simple act had greatly encouraged me for more projects in the future. I have quite a bit of fabric, patterns, and ideas to tinker with. I fear I won’t have any free any time soon.


Speaking of Halloween, my costume has been coming together wonderfully for that date, as well as Comikaze this year. Those pictures will be coming soon!

Mystery Hiatus Complete!

Well. That was an interesting couple of months.

Yes, I am still here, and mostly alive. Yes, I am still sewing, and drawing. But I had a couple of job and life changes recently that led me to have this website on the accidental back-burner. But I am in the process of having everything cleaned up in one way or another, and shall resume this website, store, and what I love the most in my life.

Here’s something to tide you lovely folks over.

Floral dress

I sewed this bad boy last year using a Gertie pattern. Gertie is one of the most inspiring women to me. She is an incredibly beautiful and talented spirit that I want in my life constantly.