Happy Wednesday!

Hello, friends. I decided to make this fine Wednesday into a day of happiness, getting things done, and hopefully encourage at least one person. Life can incredibly hard, people will manipulate control to their advantage sometimes, and you could be left wondering, “How did this even begin? What is the point?”

Find your happiness, and stick with it. It is your life, and you need to take advantage of it. For me, sewing has been one of my vices. I could never afford classes, or an incredible school, or amazing spaces, materials or equipment. It was a lot of questions, and determined knowledge seeking. I sewed on my floor. I learned how stitches worked by cheap thrift store clothing. Anyone, can do the same exact thing when it comes to sewing and the arts. Do not give up faith on how talented you are and can be.


As for new materials I had recently acquired…isnt this fabric absolutely perfect?! Yes, yes it is. I cannot wait until I find amazing uses for this fabric. I’m thinking perhaps a purse or two, maybe even some wallets.

New Etsy Listings!

Love love LOVE these clutch purses that I have sewn! And, finally, I have them up on my Etsy store for all of you to hopefully enjoy! You can find the listing by clicking here, and other things as well.

So how has everyone been doing? I have been doing my usual 12 hours a day at work, and juggling everything here has definitely been a challenge, but absolutely worth every bit of it. Have a great father’s day weekend!

Etsy Store Update!

New items added to my Etsy store! Check out my store by clicking here.

Whew, working 12 hours a day sure can take quite a lot out of you. But here I am, still passionate about sewing and creating. And what a good feeling this is, finally putting my items up on Etsy! For years, it almost was a dread to have my items shown like this and for sale. This was definitely a challenge for me to overcome, and a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you all for your patience and love!

Yep, Still Kickin’

What a week this has been, no doubt. With having a lovely weekend with the booth, taking my mother to Disneyland for Mother’s Day, and an amazing aquarium visit, I am beat. And with 12 hour workdays this week, I have been using whatever time I have had to rest up. But this weekend, I’ll put my Etsy store on the move and put my items up for sale.

Until then, a few weeks ago I had started cutting a personal project that I can’t wait to start and share with you lovely folks. Here is the beautiful fabric:


Loveeee this fabric. Maybe too much. I almost didn’t want to cut into it. What could this project be…?


Comicsfest: Success!

What an absolute BLAST that I had at the Comicsfest yesterday! This had to be the best year yet, and it’s only the second year running. The energy of the environment and from the people was positively outstanding. Everyone got their free comics, got to meet some amazing illustrators and writers, and grabbed some sweet loot.

Showing my wares!

The size of the crowd was amazing, considering everyone had thought it was going to rain during this event (no rain!). The people I met were amazing at this comicsfest. I had many long talks with multiple people about my craft, sewing in general, and what everyone had done themselves. I felt, in a way, I was inspiring to some people to do the same thing that I had done, and to never quit themselves. The energy of it all only made me want to run laps around the block.

With my parting message, I want to say thank you everyone for their amazing support and smiles. You have been and inspiration to me, and provided a unique happiness from the opportunity of me showing what I have done in my spare time within a matter of months. I woke up at 4a.m. this morning because I was so amped to start planning for the comicsfest of 2017, and other items to create for my Etsy store!

Thank you!

Comicsfest Goodies! Part 3

Ahh! Can you believe this fabric exists?! I couldn’t, so I had to grab some of this fabric and make it into awesome wallets to be sure. It has two outer pockets, and a zippered pouch with two inner pockets. It is all held together by a single snap. Did I mention these wallets were freaking amazing?!

These wallets will be featured at the Free Comic Book Day Festival in North Hollywood, this Saturday at 10am-4pm. Can’t make it? Don’t worry! My Etsy store will be full soon!

Comicsfest Goodies! Part 2


Second featured item for the Comics fest are these rad Batman clutches! Be prepared to defeat any evil in Gotcham City with this bad boy. Glitter vinyl exterior and quilted yellow fabric as the bat symbol and the interior as well, and held together with a single black snap. Can be used as a sole clutch, or even a makeup bag.

This clutch will be featured at the Free Comic Book Day Festival in North Hollywood, this Saturday at 10am-4pm. Can’t make it? Don’t worry! My Etsy store will be full soon!

Comics fest Goodies

First up on the spotlight list is zippered pouches! All are lined, and the outer fabric is vinyl, which will protect the rad fabric. Seriously fun pouches. I use them for my inking pens, but can be used for other things as well (Ladies? Need to have unmentionables in your purse?).

This style of pouch will be featured at the Free Comic Book Day Festival in North Hollywood, this Saturday at 10am-4pm. Can’t make it? Don’t worry! My Etsy store will be full soon!

Free Comic Book Day ComicsFest!!


Ahh!! I can’t believe the second annual Comicsfest that Blastoff Comics is hosting! I could have swore the last one just happened. Regardless of time flying (and partially me not paying enough attention to the calendar…)  I still have plenty of things planned, created, imagined and sewed for my booth at this event. My goodness, I cannot be more excited about this.

If you happen to local to Los Angeles this weekend, please give me a visit! But not just for my sake. There will be quite a lot of other handmade sellers there, as well as many many  illustrators, writers, and amazing comics, of course.

See you there!