What is a demiurge?

1. Platonic subordinate deity who fashions the sensible world in the light of eternal ideas
2. Gnostic subordinate deity who is the creator of the material world
3. One that is an autonomous creative force or decisive power

Demiurge Dame is just a site of mine where I post my ideas, projects, thoughts, works in progress, beautiful words, and fantastic things to look at. It is also a way to organize everything into one place and not in three hundred different places.

I am a twenty something year old woman with a passion for arts and expressing. since I was a young girl, I have always loved making crafts of some sort. I started off drawing, and even made my first comic when I was in elementary school. I continued to draw and create comics as I grew older, but I started to dabble into other mediums. I had a huge fascination with graphic design and website design, but I quickly figured out that I would not be doing that sort of thing as my main hobby, let alone a profession. In high school, I wanted to know everything there was about the arts, no matter what medium. Since then, I have minimized my mediums to a reasonable amount.

Design and art created by Stephanie Orta. Please give her etsy site a visit and support her amazing and inspiring art!

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