Happy Wednesday!

Hello, friends. I decided to make this fine Wednesday into a day of happiness, getting things done, and hopefully encourage at least one person. Life can incredibly hard, people will manipulate control to their advantage sometimes, and you could be left wondering, “How did this even begin? What is the point?”

Find your happiness, and stick with it. It is your life, and you need to take advantage of it. For me, sewing has been one of my vices. I could never afford classes, or an incredible school, or amazing spaces, materials or equipment. It was a lot of questions, and determined knowledge seeking. I sewed on my floor. I learned how stitches worked by cheap thrift store clothing. Anyone, can do the same exact thing when it comes to sewing and the arts. Do not give up faith on how talented you are and can be.


As for new materials I had recently acquired…isnt this fabric absolutely perfect?! Yes, yes it is. I cannot wait until I find amazing uses for this fabric. I’m thinking perhaps a purse or two, maybe even some wallets.

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