Comicsfest: Success!

What an absolute BLAST that I had at the Comicsfest yesterday! This had to be the best year yet, and it’s only the second year running. The energy of the environment and from the people was positively outstanding. Everyone got their free comics, got to meet some amazing illustrators and writers, and grabbed some sweet loot.

Showing my wares!

The size of the crowd was amazing, considering everyone had thought it was going to rain during this event (no rain!). The people I met were amazing at this comicsfest. I had many long talks with multiple people about my craft, sewing in general, and what everyone had done themselves. I felt, in a way, I was inspiring to some people to do the same thing that I had done, and to never quit themselves. The energy of it all only made me want to run laps around the block.

With my parting message, I want to say thank you everyone for their amazing support and smiles. You have been and inspiration to me, and provided a unique happiness from the opportunity of me showing what I have done in my spare time within a matter of months. I woke up at 4a.m. this morning because I was so amped to start planning for the comicsfest of 2017, and other items to create for my Etsy store!

Thank you!

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