Victorian Scarecrow Pt 2


This mask is definitely my favorite that I have made so far. By leagues. It was an amazing challenge to make something like this. This mask took about a week and a half in my free time to accomplish, whereas my other masks have taken an hour or even a day to do.


Here is the front view of the mask. Since I decided to make a Scarecrow costume that was older, much older, in style and in structure, I went for the plague mask look. For those of you not familiar with the plague mask, I highly recommend researching its history. It is very fascinating history, indeed.

Since it was also supposed to be a Scarecrow mask, I made visible stitches down the forehead and the beak.


Here is a closeup of the stitches. The wet, sinew look is Monkee resin. The last second, I decided to add that along the stitches, and I don’t regret that decision at all.


The canisters! Someome had given me their old respirator with the cans looking exactly like this, so I didn’t have to age to alter them at all. They also can still unscrew from the mask as well.

So there you have it. My first leather plague mask! I had such a blast making this piece, and it is only just starting on my leather making, forming, sewing, and idea escapade

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