Currently on DD…

I woke up at 6:00AM this morning, feeling more inspired than I have ever felt in my life. My mind was racing with ideas on how to utilize my time more with work, my personal life, and, of course, what I do on here and my online store.

It almost snuck up on me, on how much of a passionate person that I have become. I find myself looking through Instagram, browsing art in my spare time. When I am just sitting around, my mind wanders to what other craft and creation that I can achieve, what posts I can share with you fine folks. Things are making sense in my life, and I am happy to share with everyone. I live and breathe art and creation now, and I fear that it will become a virus and overtake my whole livelihood.

What projects am I currently pursuing?

  1. Halloween/Comikaze costume! I’d say it’s about half way done. The leather mask I have created is complete, the leather needle glove needs the needle construction, the jacket needs to be aged, and the skirts I started sewing last night (and will be worked on later today). I will be learning the basics of LEDs for this costume. I’m so excited for this challenge. It’s nice seeing the progress for this costume, but lord am I running out of time! Time to kick it up a notch.
  2. Wood burning some awesome creatures. I might even put these fellas on my Etsy store.
  3. Yes, my Etsy store! I have plenty of items to put onto my store, and will most likely be working on that today. Yay!
  4. About 4 dresses and 3 shirts that have already been cut out and is ready to be sewn. Hopefully these guys will be tackled soon after my costume.
  5. Crocheted afgan.

Of course, I have many other ideas that I am considering pursuing. It’s almost exhausting how much I have going on. But expect great things!

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