Quorra Costume

I have never really cosplayed before. I never thought it was strange, or anything like that, but it had never, for some reason, occurred to me that I could dress up into something cool or someone that I really liked in a movie or a show.

Quorra Costume

I was playing around with one of my first costumes that I have done. A lazy way of making a Quorra costume from Tron: Legacy. I loved her character, and I love Olivia Wilde even more, so why not make it? I had bought reflective tape (to make it look like the costume was glowing), and with the help of staring at all the reference pictures of her, I had taped it onto black clothing.  The adhesive wasn’t strong enough to stick to the clothing, and even fabric glue couldn’t hold it on very well. What a shame.

But this certainly won’t be my last cosplay attempt at all. Even if it didn’t work out very well, and I ended up scrapping that entire project all together, I would like to go back to the drawing board and attempt this costume again. Probably after sewing a body suit and using LED lights to actually have my costume light up.

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