For the Love of Comics and Kitties

Harvey knew immediately that I wanted a quick picture of my comic shelf

I love how comics have been growing into a huge medium and taken more seriously. With all the comic/super hero movies glorifying series, video games that are blowing up, and chain stores selling major super hero logos on sweaters, it certainly is taken more seriously. But is it really going in the right direction?

Too many times have I heard someone say that they want to start reading comics but they are too overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. The only thing they really know what is out there are huge series in famous Marvel and DC comics and it could be a waste of time to really delve into a middle of a series. Please understand, that comics do not have to be like this.

It’s a fantastic medium that all should really get into. There are a countless amount of independent authors and writers that come out with quality work, single trade stories, and unique things that can catch the eye of anyone. Please, run down to your nearest library and borrow some comics.

That is all.

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