Purses Sewn!


Here I go! Even being immensely busy with work and life, I still find the time to sew and put life into textiles and inks.

I, unfortunately, had learned this the hard way: having a vice is the most important thing to have for your well being. For the longest time, between outside circumstances and my own lazy decisions, sewing, drawing, & creating was not part of my life. And I didn’t realize until recently how depressing and weighty that really was. It took a toll on my personal health, both mentally and physically. No matter what your situation is, find a way to do what you love. It gives such a personal enjoyment and accomplishment that no one else in your life, no matter how close they are to you, can fulfill.

So here are some bags that I have completed and are ready to be shown into the world and be taken into loving hands. What a joy this was to make these purses.

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