Wood Burning Some Monsters

BlarggTurns out, I simply enjoy burning things. When I was a kid and grew old of playing with my barbies, then outgrew making clothing for them, that is when my “rebellious phase” had come about. So yes, I took a torch to my barbies to see what would happen. I, perhaps, was not the smartest kid when I decided to burn plastic, but I took a small amount of joy in seeing it melt and deform. That was the first occurrence that I remember in my life when I realized that destruction is a form of creation. So here we are now, many years into the future, and I am still enjoying burning. It’s no longer with barbies or with dangerous(ish) materials, but with proper tools and canvas.

BAMWhen I am doodling, I tend to draw little weird guys and monsters the most. I take such joy in doing so. In a way, it’s one of my most expressive mediums. It gives me a chance to poke fun at situations, ideas, and people through a weird, dry humor, and to create something that doesn’t have to be “pretty”.

Big things and many updates will be coming plentiful this weekend. I have been busy churning out new arts, crafts, projects, ideas, and items to show you guys, and I can’t wait to share!

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