Quick Inked Drawing/First Official Post

Here begins my first official post for this site! A lot of things are in motion at this point, my head is stormy with ideas and I’m quickly trying to get things organized and done. Everything will make sense soon, I promise. I feel as if this sentences are as flighty as my mind. I’m just so excited for that this site will mean for me and the prospects of a better, more in control, future for myself.

I wanted to do a quick inked sketch this morning. FarkusI hadn’t even thought of breakfast and coffee until my stomach just churned uncomfortably.

It is time to do creative endeavors every day. Whether it’s completing a sewing project, doing a quick sketch such as this one, or even thinking up new ideas for new masks. I have put these talents at bay for too long. It’s time for me to bite life’s nuts off.

Side note: I noticed when I do quick sketches of people, no matter how close I am to that person or not, I never seem to draw the iris’ in their eyes.

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